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7 Tips Maintained Fashion Jewellery Last Almost Forever

7 Tips Maintained Fashion Jewellery Last Almost Forever

  1. Keep your jewellery away from water, perfume, lotion, oil and harsh chemicals. Jewellery  tarnishes when exposed to moisture.

  2. Don't use jewellery cleaner. Cleaner use by silver and gold will be too harsh for fashion jewellery.

  3. Put on your jewellery last, always after put your clothes on, finished apply make-up, perfume and lotion etc..

  4. Remove jewellery before take off the clothes. Doing this will prevent jewellery don't get caught during the clothing removal process.    

  5. Preserve the life of your jewellery. Fashion jewellery is not mean to be worn everyday, wearing it too frequently may result in discoloration.

  6. After wearing jewellery, take a  anti-tarnish paper and wrap it down. If you don't have anti-tarnish paper, can used an soft cloth instead. Then store it in an air-tight zip lock covers or plastic boxes.

  7. Store each jewellery separately and avoid air. If possible place them individually in either an air-tight zip-tight zip lock bag or sandwich bag with the air squeezed out. The air around will makes metal tarnish. Squeezed out the air to prevent oxidization.

Enjoy your jewellery life span longer by taking care of it.

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